18 October 2010

I am a lazy bum

Nothing done!
Nothing gained!

I have not played STGs much in past few days. I have been working on my danmakufu-contest entry ( make halloween-themed stage. Haha. ). I am liking how it is coming up. I currently have done 6 enemies, boss with 2 phases ( out of planned 3 ). It is pretty hard and I have to tune it a little. I wonder where should I get music...
I still have plenty of time ( the deadline is 30.10.2010 ), so yeah, it is going well!

But not so well for my own game. I have not done anything.
ANYTHING. I was supposed to program new SHINUGAYOI-modo.

What is it?
  • Player will get only two score-based extend opposed to extend every x points.
  • Game starts with maximum rank. It cannot be reduced.
  • Suicide bullets disabled.
  • Different scoring.
  • No continues.
  • Only full bombs can be fired.
  • Some attacks are harder than before.
  • Extra fun-stuff!
 So, that's it in the nutshell. But it is sad that I haven't done anything.

I also have planned achiements, oh me. It's like I am making an euroshmup ( well, I am Finnish... )

Look at what I found!

As for playing STGs, I have been slacking. I did 1cc Ikaruga easy-modo ages ago ( after 6 hours of playtime ). I am planning to loop Dodonpachi Dai-Ou-Jou and get A-score in Battle Garegga.
I made some progress in looping DOJ. I can sometimes get all the bees and no-miss stage 3. I also have this strange idea of starting STG-group...

 So yeah, that's about it! See you later!

Ps. Why in the hell doesn't Macs have ctrl+c and ctrl+v? It is really bothersome.

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